Upgrading from Halion 6 included in Absolute 4, to halion 7

I am trying to upgrade from Halion 6 that was part of the Absolute 4 bundle, to Halion 7 bur I can’t activate it since in the elicenser appear Absolute 4 and not Halion 6
Need help please.

You can’t jump from Absolute 4 to HALion 7 i’m afraid as Absolute is a bundle, you’d have to go from Absolute 4 to 6 to get HALion 7.

The only option is to get a refund for the license you’ve purchased and order the correct one…

But as you may be aware it’s double the price, this is because you’re jumping two versions of Absolute. Absolute 5 to 6 is the same as the update from HALion 6 to 7 so not a problem for most, but being on Absolute 4 the price does suck I think.

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Thanks for your answer