Upgrading from HALion Sonic online only?


it seems that the upgrade to HALion 4 from HALion Sonic is available only as a download and not as a boxed product. Is that true?
Moreover, how big is it?

With OS X Lion (soon) as download only update and, now, a sampler with the whole library, it’s getting a little weird… :cry:

BTW, thanks,

I (live in Germany) saw the HS upgrade also as a boxed version.

The download size for the upgrade is 885 Mb for Windows and 800 Mb for Mac.
Most of the content of HALion Sonic and HALion 4 is common, so the download size is small.

I can’t order on-line the Halion 4 Upgrade from Hungary.

Why ???

Are we second class citizens???

I can’t order it in the US either. We can be second class citizens together. :slight_smile: