Upgrading from LE5

Hi. I’m thinking of upgrading from my current Cubase LE5 to LE7. I’m nervous about upgrading and not being able to play all the music I’ve created in LE5. Would that be a problem? Also, the upgrade page I’ve found (http://www.steinberg.net/en/landing_pag … grade.html) talks about upgrading from LE6, but not from an older version. Is this the site I should use?

I am about to do the same thing and have the same question. I found out after I purchased the LE5 and my computer with windows 8 that these two are not compatible. I don’t think you can upgrade from a 5 to the 7. My question is, do I fully delete the LE5 and reinstall the 7. If so, how do I save the music I want to keep when making the switch? If I find answers I will let you know. Best of luck.

A friend of mine wants to do the same thing. There are still hardware products out there being sold with bundled versions of Cubase (mainly LE5) which is supposedly unsupported on Windows 8. I do think Steinberg need to step in here and sort this mess out.

If you upgrade from LE5, you can leave LE5 installed and it will work as before. Cubase Element 7 installs parallel to other Cubase versions and you will also be able to open your LE5 projects directly in CE7. I recommend however that you use the “File | Backup Project” function to transfer your existing LE5 projects to a new CE7 folder. If you load an LE5 project in CE7 and then just “Save”, it will overwrite the LE5 project file and then you will no longer be able to open the same project in LE5.

If you do have an installed LE5, it’s really good value to upgrade to Cubase Elements 7 – the problem is, on Windows 8, you can’t install the LE5 that qualifies you for the CE7 upgrade. Catch 22?