Upgrading from WaveLab 9.5 to 10 - Do I keep both licenses?


I’ve recently bought the upgrade from WaveLab 9.5 to WaveLab 10.

Since I use WaveLab in two different computers, and one of them still uses OS X Yosemite (which is below the minimum requirements for WaveLab 10), I was wondering if I keep my WaveLab 9.5 usable after upgrading it’s license to WaveLab 10. So basically, I’d still be using WaveLab 9.5 in my main rig, and sometimes use WaveLab 10 in my laptop while out of the studio. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Yes it is possible.

Just make sure to update the e-Licenser software on the 9.5 rig, so the newer license is recognized.

Thank you!