Upgrading from XP sp3 to Windows 7 32 or 64 bit

In preparation for Cubase 6 i am upgrading from XP sp3 to Windows 7.
my only question is should I go 32 bit or 64 bit.
my specs are as follows:
Q6600 quadcore…intel dg33xb mobo…3g ram…WD sata drives…MR816x…CC121
UAD-1 pci…axiom 49…BFD2…ViOne



If you are going to buy W7, you might as well go x64. I’d upgrade my memory if I were you though. That’s really the biggest advantage, and you are going to take a hit on the OS usage of your 3GB. W7 uses significantly more than XP.

I would go for Win7x64 bit even if you plan to stay with Cubase 6 32 bit and take that opportunity to add more memory to your system.
The only restriction to a 64 bit OS installation is that you’ll mandatory need 64 bit device drivers for all hardware devices you have. Older hardware devices may not have 64 bit drivers available.


If your devices have 64 bit Windows 7 drivers, definitely go 64 bit. There’s really no reason NOT to.

I just made that same upgrade. I went win 7 64x. I used windows 7 advisor to check my hardware for 64 compatibility. I then downloaded the appropriate drivers.

I chose to do a dual install. I have Win xp 32 on and win 7 64x on two different harddrives.

I found the upgrade to be painless. Took me about 10 man hours of install to get the rig up and running.

I had the intention of flipping back and forth (xp32 and win 7) but haven’t. I’ve booted into xp only once since this install 2 weeks ago.

Of course, all of this was done in anticipation of cubase 6 which should be arriving in a few days.

go 64bit with windows. as for cubase 5.52, I use 64 bit flawlessly.

I haven’t had to use the bridge software (my main pieces are virus ti 64 bit 4.1.5, geist 64 bit, dcam works fine, stylus rmx is fine, kontakt player 4 runs fine, and dimension pro is fine)

The only plug that I havent installed is the reaktor player (which does not run well in 64 bit daw).

Hey folks,

I’m looking to upgrade from Vista-U64 to Win7. I’m definitely doing 64bit since I’m already using a 64bit OS, but I’m wondering which one people have gone for? I have a dell laptop that came with home premium 64 and it runs fine. I think I remember reading that the Business class is more streamlined than full on Win7-Pro.

Just curious what others have done. Also where did you buy it? Probably gonna go for an OEM on ebay, but again, curious what others did.

My plan is do a clean install. Reformat the system drive and everything.


I went with win 7 64x home edition. Got it from newegg.

I understood that there is a 16gb ram limit on this version but my motherboard ex58 ud3r also has a 16gb limit.

Ill be on windows 8 and the latest motherboard/CPU when I’m running out of 12gb ram.

Newegg has an OEM of W7Pro64 for $139. I think that’s where I’m headed. The home versions don’t have XP mode I think which may come in handy.