Upgrading GPU, license issue


I tried to search the forum and only found one old topic, but without a solution and answer. Also, didn’t find anything specific on Steinberg site about changing GPU.
So, if i change only my GPU, will the machine ID remain the same and i won’t need to reactivate my license?

Cheers, and thank you all!

Anyone, any info? :face_holding_back_tears:

What is the license you are talking about?

If it is using the new Steinberg Licensing, just deactivate it before the switch. Reactivate after. It’s really that simple.

If it’s eLicenser, whether it’s “soft” or “USB” can determine the correct answer for you.

Are people supposed to be mind readers? Details … :neutral_face:

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No, people are not suppose to be mind readers, i would write the details when someone replied as you did. :man_shrugging:t2:
I’m on C12 (upgraded from 11), so it’s new licensing, but i still have USB. I’ve changed the GPU before when i was on C10, and nothing happened, bit i’m not sure what’s the deal now with new licensing system.