Upgrading LE5


Bit of a problem I think. I got LE5 but I want to upgrade to Elements 6. There’s no option for going from LE5 to Elements 6 in the the shop, only LE6. Can I upgrade to LE6 and then to Elements 6 or simply from LE5 to Elements?

Any help would be appreciated.


You’re right, apparently they don’t let you update version numbers from basic licenses.
Upgrading from LE5 to LE6 is not possible I think, because the LE versions aren’t retail licenses, they’re introduction licenses that are given away with other products.

Best bet is probably to buy Elements 6 new, or find an upgrade from LE5 to another version of 5 from a store that still has them. That’s of course only viable if the features you’re after are also in that version of 5.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe LE5 had more features than LE6, so an upgrade from LE5 to Elements 6 would be considered a “downgrade”? Kind of like how you can’t upgrade Studio 5 to Artist 6. I couldn’t find any feature comparisons between LE5 and LE6, so I’m only guessing. If you can spring for the upgrade to Artist 6, it can be had for USD 149.99. Not a bad deal. Unless you have your heart set on running without a dongle. Also, keep in mind that the upgrade to Artist 6 would require a dongle to be purchased separately, so that does raise the overall price a little.

The upgrade issue is not it, it’s the fact that LE licenses aren’t for sale at all.

I was just pointing out that since you can upgrade from LE6 to Elements 6, but not from LE5 to Elements 6 that maybe LE5 has more features than Elements 6. You can, however, upgrade to Artist 6 from LE4/5/6. I wasn’t talking about upgrading from LE5 to LE6 if that’s what you’re getting at.

Oh I see, you’re right. Oh well, it’s not there so it’s fair to assume it’s not possible.

I too would like an upgrade option LE5->Elements 6 for my travel requirements (i.e. no dongle). LE5 is useless to me as it doesn’t even have MIDI tracks – Instrument Tracks only. :unamused:

is there anyway that i can upgrade from cubase le5 to artist 6? i had purchased an audio interface that came with le5, and then i purchased artist 6. tried to upgrade it and it wouldnt work. i eventually saw the promo for the upgrade on the website for 149.99 but im not gonna pay that when i already purchased artist 6. help please

LE5 DOES have midi tracks. I’m certainly able to create them in my version of LE5

Yes you’re right of course, sorry, brain freeze! What I should have said is, LE5 doesn’t have the VST Rack (F11) which means the only way you can load a VSTi is in the form of an Instrument Track.