upgrading license...forever

As I got no reaction from Steinberg support after a week, I try it here:

I have purchased an upgrade key for Cubase 9 for my Cubase 7.5 license.
In the eLC version I can enter the activation code and the upgrade is recognized, I choose the usb elicenser with Cb 7.5 to upgrade. After that the process starts.
So far so good.

The progress bar shows a small progress amount with the message “upgrading license…”
There it ends…after 2 hours I have ended the Elicenser program through Windows Taskmanager.
Retries on the same PC (win7 64bit) or even another PC gives the same result.
So no upgraded license. :cry:

Could there be a problem with the dongle? The maintenance option in the software did not give a problem on it.

Make sure elcc is latest version
Run it as admin

Thanks for your reply Grim.
I use the latest elcc version. I did not run it as Admin before, I now just did, but with the same result. The upgrade progress stops on the same spot.
The usb dongle is the first generation btw.

What could be the cause?

I don’t know…I have seen users say very old elicensers gave problems but they are theoretically compatible.

So one more time…you may have tried all of this but maybe worth making sure you do it in this exact order.

Even if it is latest version, uninstall elicenser control. Download it again and install the latest version from:

Right click and Run elicenser as administrator and then run maintenance, let it complete.
Disable any anti virus and firewall on your computer.
Now try to activate the upgrade one more time.

If this doesn’t help I’m out of ideas I’m afraid.

Only to confirm an old eLicenser. Mine is from 2004 and while it’s bent, cracked and taped, it does work with my C9.02

I have installed the latest ELCC software ( at this time) on a clean and updated Windows 7 64 bit system. The installation succeeded and after that I put the dongle in an USB 2.0 port. The dongle was recognized and was installed by Windows as an Elicenser device.
I started the ELCC and it found the Elicenser with all the licenses on it. Also license Cubase 7.5.

I started the function “maintenance”.
The online synchronization and maintenance procedure succeeded. All the details gave an “OK”.
I selected the “enter activation code” option and pasted the activation code for the upgrade to Cubase9.
The code was recognized as a Cubase 9 Pro update for all kinds of Cubase 7 and 7.5 versions.
I pressed “Continue”.
The “select license to upgrade” window showed up. My Cubase license 7.5 was automatically selected and I pressed “upgrade license”.
Then the upgrade windows with progress bar showed. It says: starting license upgrade…then after some seconds a little progress (green color) is showing left on the progress bar. It says “upgrading license…
Same result…no progress anymore after that.

On the system runs a free edition of Avast anti virus and the default Windows Firewall. I disabled the firewall. I did not disable antivirus. However, the maintenance option runs fine with both active.
I can check the firewall on my router but I doubt if this has anything to do with this problem.

Maybe there is an internal serverproblem with that activation code? I am out of options…I hope Steinberg support will pick up my ticket some day. :unamused: :cry:

Problem solved: After 9 working days Steinberg support finally contacted me and the solution was to purchase a new Elicenser.
So I did and after transferring the Cubase 7.5 license to the new dongle I took the upgrade steps again and this time the progress bar made more progress. :mrgreen:

I did not get any reason from support why my current Elicensers could’nt finish the upgrade job.

Anyway, it works now! :slight_smile: