Upgrading old gear?

Howdy- I bought Cubase LE4 in a package with Presonus Firestudio Project when they probably both were current. I bought a new computer, HP with Windows 7 Home Premium, at the time. The computer is/was big enough to do what I needed. If everything I’ve got would work well and continue to work well, I’d be happy. The computer seems to be showing signs of age and I’ve been working on cleaning it up. I’ve never updated anything, except the computer which I wasn’t doing regularly until now when i have tried to catch up with updates.Windows is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10, but I saw in an old forum that Cubase wasn’t compatible with Windows 10 at that time. Do I need to change my Cubase? I am not a computer guy
and I don’t know much about the digital, midi, etc. side of recording. I just like to plug in mics and record vocals and instruments live, so I might not want to learn too much new stuff if I bought (or upgraded) a newer program. I see that firewire is obsolete but hopefully there are adaptors for it. Anyway, any recommendations? I’m not really into paying for a new computer but if I must I must.


Cubase LE 4 is pretty old already. Today we have Cubase LE 8 and other derivatives are in 8.5 version.

If you will upgrade your OS to Win 10, you should also upgrade your Cubase to the current version, to make sure it’s fully compatible and supported.

Thank you. I think i’ll try that.

I think you should get the best version of Cubase you can afford, but even Cubase Elements 8 will be a massive upgrade over LE 4. LE 4 is extremely limited.

Thanks! I hope the new version isn’t too different from the super old version because I’m an old dog set in my ways.Plus I hope that my computer continues to function OK with Windows 10 in it. Hopefully it will.