Upgrading projects to e.g. VST3 variants

It seems that we need to say goodbye to our old VST2 buddies. No problem… Or?

I’ve installed my new PC fresh, without any old stuff, but from time to time I want, or need to load an older project. Then the problems start. The project tries to load a VST2 synth which is not available anymore, but I have the newer VST3 installed, but it is not possible to re-connect the channel to the new plugin? Or am I missing something?

Same happens when for example I open up an older project which uses e.g. Kontakt 5, and now I have only the newest Kontakt installed… I cannot fix this in an easy way? Or?

Please advise. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Regards Tom.


It depends on the plug-in vendor. If the new version is using the same plug-in ID as the old one, it’s still the same plug-in from Cubase point of cute and it will be loaded instead of the old one. Of the ID is different, then it’s different plug-in from Cubase point of view and Cubase doesn’t have any chance to see and relation between these 2 plug-ins with 2 different IDs.

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Understandable, so it is always (or most of the time) a new ID I think, else it would mess up when 2 versions were installed. It would be great if there was some function to transfer/switch the plugin or be able to use the copy, and past settings (with a warning of mismatching id’s and potential errors or so).

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