Upgrading to Cubase 10.5

I’ve searched this forum and Google but I cannot find any information on the process of upgrading to Cubase 10.5 from Cubase 10. Is that because it is just like a normal update. I download the 1.6gb file and then just run it and it updates my current installation of Cubase 10? this is what I hope will happen. I have seen some information relating to the color scheme changes, from gradients to flat, that doesn’t worry me but I have set up Cubase how I like it,

Are the same color controls available in 10.5?

And also:

Did you buy the update? It’s new and independent installation, you need full installer.

I’m about to buy the update, so your saying I need the full 20gig installer?

If you already have Pro 10 installed, you don´t Need the full installer - the 1.36 GB update installer should do.

Thanks, so I just install the same as any update? Click it and it updates my installation of Cubase 10 pro and that’s it?

I would think so, since that is what it says - try it and tell us…

I’m not that brave, I’ll wait to hear from someone who has done it already. Then all I will need is to confirm that the colors work the same way in 10.5 as I’ve heard stories that you can only use black and there is a set color pallet to use and that’s it.

10.5 is not an update like any other, no.
It will install a new version: 10.5.x alongside your 10.x installation. The reason you don’t need the full 20 Gig installer is a lot of the content (plugins, VSTis, etc) is shared between successive versions.

Paid for updates are always like this.
Yes, I have done it.

On this computer I have version 9.x, 10.x and 10.5.x installed.

Thanks Planarchist, that is what I wanted to know. I only want one installation of Cubase on my system though so I think I will give it a miss at the moment. Perhaps upgrade when I upgrade the computer and put the full version on then. Would you be able to confirm that you have the same control over colors and setting up the GUI as you have in version 10? (like the pics in my original post). I have heard stories that only black can be selected and there is a set color palette.

Hi Tezza, I’m afraid I can’t help you on the colour front. I don’t change from the default much and though I don’t remember having any issues or noticing any massive differences when going from 10.x to 10.5x I can’t be sure there weren’t changes.

As for only having one version of Cubase on your system, it’s your choice obviously but something many here, including me, would advise against.
When a new version comes out there are often issues that affect some users and not others and not all are apparent straight away. If you’ve uninstalled the previous version before you know that the new version works perfectly for you, you might find yourself having a hard time getting things to work properly until a patch is released. If you have the older version you can just go back to using that in the meantime.

Just a tip if you feel uncertain that an update can harm your installation.

Buy an extra hard disc. They are cheep. Copy/clone the system to the new disc. Install the update. If everything is ok, just continue. If not, copy back from the extra disc. You can also swap discs if that is more conveniant and time saving.

This is an excellent tip. Even SSDs are cheap these days. I have a spare 500Gb one that I used like this when I upgraded two different PCs to Windows 10. Must confess I’ve never done it when upgrading Cubase but maybe I should!