Upgrading to Cubase 5 full version...can't?

I have cubase studio 5. And i have the 5.5.2 update. I want to upgrade to the full version of cubase 5–not cubase 6. I cannot find the page on the steinberg website to do this all i find is the page to upgrade to cubase 6. Is this not supported anymore? that would suck…I just bought this a few months ago…I want the same version as my other bandmate–full version of Cubase 5.

Get C6, it will allow you to run C5 which you can install from your friend’s CD. You’ll already be ahead when he upgrades.

He’s not going to upgrade for years, trust me. but will he be able to run projects from Cubase 6 on Cubase 5? I know when I had Cubase 4 I couldn’t open Cubase 5 projects.

No, you can run C5 with your C6 license.

Ok thanks Sir, I will upgrade to 6 ONLY because i want to see the input mixer…why does that cost me $150? LOL can i upgrade just the mixer? that would rock.