upgrading to cubase 7 on new computer from sx 2

i have bought the upgrade to Cubase 7 from sx 2, I installed it but im trying to activate the usb license, it doesn’t seem to work.

my Cubase sx 2 was running on an old xp computer and I bought a new windows 8 computer for the upgrade to Cubase 7.

in the license upgrade box it doesn’t show me an available options to upgrade even when I plug in the old usb license from my other old computer.

please please help???

You may well get the help you need here, but this sort of issue would probably be quicker to resolve with a phone call to the Steinberg/Cubase support line. I would also let the eLicence software have a go at upgrading itself, there should be a Maintenance button of something like that for you to click.


I was able to transfer a soft license Elements 7 to a Cubase SL3 dongle. I inserted the old dongle. I downloaded the latest e-licenser software to update the dongle, then installed but not activated the Cubase. I am not sure what I did next. I must have typed in the activation key. The activation found the dongle so the license has been transferred. It may depend on how old the dongle is. I think the dongle has to be inserted before the activation. I think the big Cubase program updates can only go on a dongled Cubase program.

From SX2?

SXlightly off topic, don’t forget to check out the Steinberg utube channel to see the excellent tutorials.

things have changed- more powerful, much better