Upgrading to Elements 8

The computer that ran my Elements 7 has crashed. Mysteinberg accounts has that license as a soft license.
Can I purchase the upgrade or do I have to reinstall and reactivate E7 first and then purchase the upgrade?
I get a bit scared that I will muff it!
Information would be very appreciated.

You need to have the eLicenser Control Center installed with your license to upgrade from.
So, yes, you first need to “recover” your Elements 7 license using the re-activation process.

Just checking. Crashed computer is dead. So want to take this opportunity to upgrade From E7 t E8.

So I have to install my old Elements 7 on my new computer and reactivate it.
Then purchase and download the upgrade to Elements 8
Then activate it which then cancels the old E7 program on the Soft license?

No you do not need to install the old version.

Install elicenser manager from here http://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html and follow the “procedure for reactivation” on the link Jaslan gave.