Upgrading to Latest Version Plugins Issue


I have many master section presets consisting of plugins that are not the newest version that I imported into WL8 which has worked great. With the advice to get the latest version for compatibility purposes between WL8 and Windows 7 I upgraded those same plugins to the newest version. Now I get a message saying the “plugin cannot be found” when opening those presets. It was suggest to also uninstall the older version of the plugins for once again compatibility reasons

The only way around this I found is to keep/reinstall the old plugins installed so the MS can find it and then open the newer version of the plugin and copy the values to it and save…This is very time consuming and if you cannot keep old ones installed to go back and reference then that’s a real problem

Am I doing something wrong here?


Normally, when you update a plugin, WaveLab can find it again. This won’t be possible if:

  1. you change from VST-2 to VST-3, because the plugin reference has a new format.
  2. if the plugin changes his internal ID, or its name (for VST-2 only)

Hi PG,

I uninstalled the Waves v5 plugins and installed the Waves V9 both VST2 and VST3 were installed. When I opened MS preset a message poped up and said “it could not find Waves C4 plugin”

So I reinstalled the Waves v5 and now the MS presets open. I then open the newer version of the plugin (Vst2 not Vst3) and copy the values to it and save…I guess Waves v5 is (VST) and Waves v9 is (VST2 & VST3) so based on what you said above VST2 will also not be able to find the older VST plugins from Waves v5

So this will always be an issue because all my MS presets were created with VST so in order to get them to work with the newer plugin format (VST3) I would have to redo all of them. This will happen again when (VST4 or a newer format) comes out. Their should be a way to migrate those settings from old platfrom to new on

I normally would not have upgraded my Waves plugins to v9. All I read on these threads is that if you have an issue you need to get the latest for compatibility reasons. So I did and now I have to go back and redo all of the MS presets.

I may just keep using the Waves v5 until it don’t work anymore like the ME1.5 To me I hear no difference in audio quality comparing v5 and v9

It’s also easier to change values in v5 compared to v9. In v5 you click in any value box on pluging as long as the cursor is flashing in the box and change value with keypad then go to next one. In v9 you have to double click and make sure box turns white and value is selected then input new value with keypad and hit enter to save. Why was this behavior changed. It now makes it longer to do.

I did read in one of the Waves v9 manuals where I think they reference this. Look at last entry for “enable single click text entry” but it’s a Pro Tools only option

4.4 Waves Preferences (Pro Tools only)
When launching Pro Tools, hold Shift to view the Waves plug-in Preferences window. The following options are available:
• Don’t use AudioSuite plug-ins
• Dont use RTAS plug-ins
• Rescan all plug-ins
• HUI control surfaces support (low res)
• Enable single-click text entry



So when the VST3 plugins are upgraded to a new format all of the saved presets will have to be redone again?..Any chance of a migration tool or wizard to make this process efficient.


So when the VST3 plugins are upgraded to a new format all of the saved presets will have to be redone again?

No, sorry (more exactly: when VST2 plugins are upgraded to VST3)

What do you mean?..sorry don’t understand

If a preset contains a vst2 plugin and you remove the vst2 plugin from your system, and install the vst3 version of this plugin, the preset is not able to find this vst3 plugin.

Because I don’t know, I’m asking. Was Waves V5 VST only? Then Waves V7 was VST2? And Waves V9 is VST2 and VST3? Was there no migration path that would read previous plugins? Say if you have Waves V5, you uninstall that and install Waves V7, would Wavelab be able to open old V5 presets without having to reassign and redo all the plugin settings? And the same thing if going from Waves V7 to V9? It seems like Scott can’t read the old V5 plugins no matter what if he uninstalls V5, even though he has both V9 VST2 and V9 VST3 installed. Would a migration from V5 to V7, and then from V7 to V9 work?

The reason I ask, have a lot of saved V7 presets. Will I have to leave V7 installed if I upgrade to V9, in order to keep the old plugin settings?

I think that you should be able to reuse the VST-2 plugins of Waves 9.

I’m not sure if Waves v5 is VST but I think they are and not sure about Waves v7. You may get lucky with Waves v7 but you would still have to copy values to VST3 because the VST2 plugin would be opening. If you wanted to use the latest plugin version then you would be copying all of them over to VST3…Can someone confirm this or not

From my experience on 2 Windows 7 PCs (32 & 64bit) Waves v9 (VST2 & VST3) cannot read the presets created with Waves v5

if I uninstall Waves v5…WL8 cannot read any presets with only Waves v9 installed. I’m lucky that I was able to reinstall v5 and can open both versions up and copy values from v5 to v9 and then resave the preset. This is a pain if you have alot of them. Seems like this will be the case when they upgrade VST3 to VST??? Same thing all over again with no migration path…Something should be done about this if I’m correct.

It also seems that the Waves v9 plugins include the prior version (which they do VST2) you will atleast be able to open your presets but you still would have to copy the values to the new plugins (VST3) anyway