Upgrading to Wavelab 11 Elements from Wavelab 7?

I have an old Steinberg product (WaveLab 7) and would like to upgrade to WaveLab Elements 11.

Is my product too old for an upgrade? Do I need to buy the full version of Elements 11 instead?

If I can upgrade, what information do I need? I have the e-licenser key for WaveLab 7, but not a serial number.

I think the upgrade options become visible after you click the ‘Buy Wavelab’ button on the product page.

Even though WaveLab 7 is listed an an option for an upgrade, when I enter the activation code I was sent, I am told it’s “too old” and can’t activate WaveLab Elements 11. :confused: I have put in a support ticket.

Erm, it says Wavelab LE 7, not Wavelab 7. So Wavelab 7 isn’t an option for upgrade, according to Steinberg.

It sounds like you’re just going to have to start over and pay full price.

(Why am I the one doing all of the fact-checking?)

Thanks for the information. Steinberg is terrible with customer service, so this is helpful.