need to upgrade Nuendo 6.5 but not wanting Nuendo 13 yet, can I upgrade to a lower version?

v12 should be fine. You’d pay for Nuendo 13 but run v12 until you feel ready to go to v13 I suppose.

I think you might not be able to run earlier versions because of eLicenser being phased out.

Thanks for the speedy response! Cheers!

You can use Nuendo 8 (V8-13) with Nuendo 13 license! If you have elicenser where is the older license.

After I update to Steinberg Licensing, will I still be able to run previous versions of the products I’ve bought?

Yes, provided you either have your USB-eLicenser connected to your computer, or the Soft-eLicenser containing the license for the previous version of the product is present on the computer. The new Steinberg Licensing system does not apply to versions of our products prior to the first version that uses the new system: so if you buy, say, a new license for Cubase 12 as a brand-new customer, you cannot run Cubase 11 or earlier, but if you are an existing Steinberg customer who updates to Cubase 12 from Cubase 11, you can still run Cubase 11 or indeed any previous version of Cubase provided you connect your USB-eLicenser containing the license for Cubase 11.

After upgrading from Nuendo 6.5 to Nuendo 13, you will have a Steinberg Licensing licence for Nuendo 13 that will also work with Nuendo 12 and a non-upgradable Nuendo 11 licence on your USB eLicenser that will work with Nuendo 11 and earlier.

One potential problem is that you cannot use your Nuendo 6.5 installation after upgrading unless you can get a sufficiently recent eLicenser database installed so that the Nuendo 11 licence is recognised as valid for Nuendo 6.5. If you have Nuendo 6.5 installed on a currently supported operating system, this will not be a problem. However, this can be a bigger problem if your old installation is on an unsupported operating system.

Ensure you have archived any existing projects including exporting stems if necessary before you activate your upgrade.