Upgraged Stidio Slap Bass preset and a question


I’m new to Halion and little by little getting into programming sounds myself. I’ve attached an upgraded Studio Slap preset which I’ve modified to act more like good Kontakt bass libraries where you don’t need keyswitches for hammerons/pulloffs and they happen automagically on playing legato. There were also fingered sounds within the original patch so I included keyswitches for them. This is my first use of Halion keyswitches and that’s where I’ve run into a problem and would appriciate some help with it: for some reason making keyswitches via MegaTrig with a simple “Key Switch” condition as the original preset has, doesn’t work here. The Slap layer doesn’t get turned off by any of the Fingered layer keyswitches. The only way I managed it to work was including “NOT Key Switch” condition, and adding keyswitches from the other layers there. I’d be grateful if someone could point out my mistake.

Download preset - http://dee3d.com/SlapStudioMega.zip

Hi savinoff.

It’s been a week since you posted this. In case you’re still looking for an answer:

The reason it doesn’t behave like you expect it to is because you forgot to switch off the Individual Megatrig Management for your Studio Slap Bass layer.

In the original program you copied it from, it was the “master” layer so it was ok to have it turned on. But all the sublayers had the Individual Megatrig Management turned off.

Hi Misohoza, thank you for taking your time looking at the patch. I did indeed completely overlook that switch, everything is working as it should now, thanks!!