Up'ing NEK 5.5 to 6.5 Question

Hi Ev’rybody,

I got my N6.0 upgrade at at music store and, here in Canada, the Nuendo boxed version doesn’t contain the NEK. I was told I had to download it separetaly. Whatever.

So, I only have the NEK 5.5 (which along with N5, I took off my system when I installed N6 because the old NEK was now defunct)

I’m now, finally, upgrading everything to N6.5. (Yeah!)

But I need to know…If I purchase the “Update from Nuendo 6 + NEK to Nuendo 6.5 + NEK” option do I have to reinstall the Ver5 stuff to get the NEK update to install or will the eLicense on the dongle be adequate to the task?

…Or will I have to get 2, separate updates, one for N6 and one for NEK5.5?


oh…I see there is NO NEK5.5 to 6.5 path other than a total upgrade from 5.5.
Now I AM confused…

You do not have to reinstall the N5 stuff. Just 6.5.



the NEK is always onboard the Nuendo DVD, it just needs to be installed separately. Like with Nuendo, it updates the previous NEK installation. If you have bought the box update “Nuendo 6+NEK update to Nuendo 6.5+NEK” you already own the NEK 6.5 license. In this case you will find 2 codes in the box, one for Nuendo 6.5 update, one for NEK 6.5 update. The only thing you need to do is:

  • install the NEK 6.5 from the DVD next to the Nuendo 6.5 installation
  • enter the 2 codes as usual for downloading the licenses