Upload to SoundCloud not working.


Running latest v10 build - try to upload after export to SoundCloud causes dialog error for ‘Steinberg Upload Manager’ Internal Program Error - Error Code: 22

Have a SoundCloud accout - Win10, running Chrome as default browser - Cubase even listed as connected Application within the SoundCloud profile- any help would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

This is already reported and known issue.

Also got this error. Any solutions in site?

I still have this issue, is there any solution?


I’m sorry, there is no solution from Steinberg side yet. The way is to upload to SoundCloud from a web-browser.

Just bumping this again, as this is still an issue. No workaround to make this work with Cubase?


Actually I don’t think this will be fixed. Actually Steinberg get rid of it in Cubase 10.5. If you do a fresh installation of Cubase 10.5 on a fresh system, the components is not installed anymore.

But this is a global component, so if it has been installed with an older Cubase version, it’s still available in Cubase (the old version).

Ohh really… that makes sense.
I installed 10.5 and was thinking that it seemed odd that it was still there if it’s still not fixed.

Are there any decent guides on how to clean things up? I guess my question is more like… are there more things that I should get rid of that are no longer supported? I don’t like having old ‘junk’ laying around that aren’t functional :slight_smile:

Also thank you for this update on the matter.


As far as I know, SoundCloud is the only one component, which has been removed.

Any idea how to remove that component without doing a clean install?


Delete the component manually:
YourSystem/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Upload Manager/Steinberg Upload Manager.