uploading from cubase sl 2 to cubase 6?

i am finally upgrading my system…i need to be absolutely sure i can do this before i do - a straightforward " yes you can!" would be welcome and much appreciated news

i have cubase SL on an old pwermac G4, OSX 10.4.11

can i - once i have my new latest mac computer - upload all my songs from my old cubase and G4 to cubase 6?
i understand about pluggins and problems with midi transference, but most of my songs are audio.

i want to upload them and continue to work on them and remix etc etc. i have about 400 songs/pieces

many thanks

You should, but I doubt anyone wil give you a guarantee, so you’ simply have to try yourself…

Steinberg actually recommend using SX/SL to transfer earlier projects (Cubase VST) to the new cpr format for opening in C4/5 & 6 is basically the same so while there are no guarantees they should open OK.


thank you.

i know i have posted on this topic before, it’s just that i keep getting conflicting replys from people i have asked recently.

i am also thinking about buying a mac mini and wondered if people thought this was a good idea? much cheaper than a mac pro and can get a better spec…

many thanks again