Uploading Images

Anyone here with problems to upload pictures? It is a week now that i´m not able to upload any screenshot here…

You should be able to. All working on my side. What exactly is going on, precisely?

All the time i get this message…

“Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”

png or jpg

Hm. I am able to upload a screenshot.
2021-12-01 07_34_21-Uploading Images - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums - Vivaldi

Maybe there’s a browser problem – have you tried deleting the cache and other basic browser fixes?

ok, after clearing the cache, still the same… i´m on firefox for years, never got a problem like that…

Have you tried different methods of uploading? Pasting a copied image from the clipboard, using the upload button image, drag and drop… all broken?

Anyway, it’s a Firefox problem…

yep, 3 kinds, upload, paste and drag…

@Flavius, I had this problem as well, and after contacting Discourse support I was able to resolve it for my own Firefox installation, so hopefully this will work for you too.

I am using an extension called ClearURLs, which removes common tracking parameters from URLs. Maybe you’re using it too?

If so, one particular setting in ClearURLs caused the problem, and switching it off has fixed the issue for me. The option is this one:

Make sure this is disabled, and hopefully you’ll be good to go. Let me know if not!



Thanks a lot, i will see about it. I´m not using this specif filter you mentioned, but i´m using others… i will have a look, thanks again for taking time trying to help me with that.

yes, just tried now, it solves the issue! Happy new year :slight_smile: