Upmixing in 5.1 with Anymix - Issue

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with Anymix and it drives me nuts.
I upmixed a music for a movie from 2.0 to 5.1, using a preset with few tweaks, nothing special.
When I export the whole mix, the music stays in stereo, as if Anymix was ignored by the offline bounce.
The only solution I got now is to export in realtime but… well, that’s not serious.

I know it’s a well known issue since Nuendo 10 (omg…), how is it still possible to experience this after all this time ?.

I tried to disable asio guard but the project start to crack everywhere, despite the fact that I got a brand knew PC with I7 12700k & updated drivers for RME fireface. But that’s another problem. With Asio guard unabled, the export will only have the stereo & a beautiful sinus on the Ls/Rs channels.

Have you guys got any other solutions ?



What do you mean with that?
Can you provide a screenshot of the export settings dialog?

Is it a stereo file or is it a 5.1 file with only stereo content?

disable asio guard for AnymixPro [studio/vst.plugin.manager] - there is always problem with this plugin


I’ve updated to N12 and I run into this problem, but disabling the ASIO guard does not help. The problem is that when I do an export with effects set to ‘+Master/Group/Sends’ all my Anymix settings are set to default. If I do the same export with effects set to ‘Insert and Strip’ all is fine.

When I do the same on Nuendo 11 all works like it should work, so no problems with Anymix using ‘+Master/Group/Sends’.

I am on a Mac Pro 7.1 running on OS Monterey.

Best, Alan


I did some testing and it happens on 2 different systems. I thought it might had something to do with a template but I also get it starting from scratch in a test template. I made a small test:

  • Open a default template
  • Add a 5.1 master
  • Add 2 5.1 groups routed to the 5.1 master
  • Add 2 stereo audio tracks, route 1 to group A and 1 to group B
  • Change Multipanner to Anymix pro on both stereo tracks
  • Enable upmix on both Anymix pro panners
  • Choose 2 random upmix presets
  • Add audio to both audio tracks and set locators
  • Go to Export Audio Mixdown window
  • Select ‘Multiple’ in channel selection
  • Select group A and group B as output channels
  • Select ‘+Master/Group/Sends’ in Effects
  • Export locators

After export both Anymix pro panners are disabled and reset.

Can anyone confirm this?

As said, in Nuendo 11 all is fine. Working on Nuendo 12.0.5 on 7.1 Mac Pro/OS Monterey.

Best, Alan


i cannot confirm this on my Win10 Laptop here (Nuendo 12.0.50).

I tried your Test, all seems to export right and also the Anymix settings stayed correct after Export.

Maybe a difference Mac/PC?


Thanks for testing @Dirx

Maybe it is a Mac/PC thing. I hope somebody can test this on a Mac. We have 4 Mac systems here (2 x Mac Pro, 1 x Mac Studio, 1 x Mac Book Pro), all giving the same bug.

Best, Alan

It works great. Thanks, you save me.

How the hell can Steinberg let this known bug since 3 years ?

The update to 12.0.60 fixed the Anymix issue. Thanks!

Thanks, great news!

Aaaand sadly, now it’s a complete crash with no informations when I try to select Anymix Pro in the pan settings for a stereo send to a 5.1 aux.