Upmixing in 5.1 with Anymix - Issue

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with Anymix and it drives me nuts.
I upmixed a music for a movie from 2.0 to 5.1, using a preset with few tweaks, nothing special.
When I export the whole mix, the music stays in stereo, as if Anymix was ignored by the offline bounce.
The only solution I got now is to export in realtime but… well, that’s not serious.

I know it’s a well known issue since Nuendo 10 (omg…), how is it still possible to experience this after all this time ?.

I tried to disable asio guard but the project start to crack everywhere, despite the fact that I got a brand knew PC with I7 12700k & updated drivers for RME fireface. But that’s another problem. With Asio guard unabled, the export will only have the stereo & a beautiful sinus on the Ls/Rs channels.

Have you guys got any other solutions ?



What do you mean with that?
Can you provide a screenshot of the export settings dialog?

Is it a stereo file or is it a 5.1 file with only stereo content?