Upon inserting Hairpins make them editable

90% of the time when I insert Hairpin I find out I have to click on them immediately to edit the length or duration using Shift <> or Shift option <>.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to make them editable upon creating them?

How are you inserting your hairpins? Certainly I find whether I insert them via the Shift+D popover or using the > shortcut or even when clicking one in from the right-hand panel in Write mode, the hairpin does indeed end up selected so I can simply lengthen or shorten them without needing to re-select them.

Thanks, Daniel,
I played around with it a bit and figured out some stuff.

It seems that, if I use pop-over to insert dynamics such as p or mf and then I select the note later on and try to insert the hairpin using Shift < or > or using pop-over it won’t make them editable instantly and I have to select the hairpin again.

However if a note does not have a dynamics to being with and I insert Hairping using Shift < or > or using pop-over it will make them editable instantly.

the first pic my note has already had mp dynamic assigned to it previously and if later on, I want to add a hairpin, the hairpin is not instantly editable.

In the second pic my note does not have any dynamics assigned to it so when I insert a dynamic it is instantly editable.


Yes, when Dorico groups the new dynamic with the existing one, it selects the whole group, which does indeed mean that you have to re-select the hairpin independently from the remaining dynamics in the group. It might be nice if Dorico could do this automatically, but it’s always had the current behaviour.