Upper structure triad

I would like the next version to add the ability to enter code for the Upper Structure Triad.
It may be a different name in a foreign country(I’m Japanese).
For example, Cm7onCm and F#7onCM.

I’m not sure I understand your request fully. Are you saying that you want to see a different approach to showing how a polychord appears, with the word “on” taking the place of the diagonal or horizontal line?

It says to write CM after the slash of F#M7/CM.
F#M7/ “CM”, or Gm7/ “Cm”
I can specify a single note after the slash, but you can’t write a chord, right?
FM/C is ok, FM/CM is false.

That’s right, Dorico allows you to create polychords, by typing into the popover e.g. “F#m7|Cm”, but this won’t appear in the score separated by “on”: it will be separated by a diagonal line or a horizontal line.

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The nomenclature standard to have polychord polytonalité is not with a slash « /« but with a «_ » : one chord over a second one

I get the horizontal slash as default when I use the pipe in the popover.

There is no such thing.

my lack of English: not sure I understood this remark ?! you mean irrelevant to the question of the topic or that there is no debate and rule on polychords?

I think he means there is not one universal standard for polychord formatting.

That is exactly what I meant.

The only way I’ve seen polychords notated is the way under discussion here - stacked vertically, separated by a horizontal line. Any other way is just plain wrong, in my book, and is not part of a universal standard.

However, I’ll bite. As I like to be informed, what are some other formats that are part of the “universal standard”?

An example, but not of anything claiming to be “universal”:

The published score of The Way Up by Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays has many polychord symbols in 3 parts {chord / chord / bass note}. When I saw them they made sense to me immediately. (The score is clearly Sibelius, so they were working within its capabilities.)

Chord symbols in my view are all ad hoc. It’s just a quick way to describe what notes to play without specifying octaves.

I was able to enter the polycode using the method dspreadbury says.
Thank you very much.
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