upsampling in Cubase 8.5.2?

When exporting audio/ mixdown in a 32b-44k project & there’s a 96k plugin within the project:

Will it up-sample the 96k plugin when exporting to a 32b -96k wav?

32b, 24k?? :confused: Typo?

What are you calling a 96k plugin?
There are oversampling plugs which as far as I know just src (both directions) inside the plug but this aside I have no idea what you mean.

Yes,44k- 32b

A convolution plugin sampled at 96khz (it also converts to 44k in said project)
Will it uppsample 96k in 44k project when exporting to 96k file?

Honestly I have no idea whether the plug upsamples or whether Cubase itself is just upsampling the entire export.

I don’t know how it’s handled in Cubase. There’s this feature in Sonar which I used to use-
It doesn’t always sound better, sometimes worse so I’d only use it for a few plugins including the one that I’m using in Cubase.
Any tips let me know…thanks