I usually work with audio material that has been recorded properly at the desired sample rate.
A few days ago I have been asked to change a bunch of files that have been rendered at 48kHz to 96kHz. As far as I know this is not possible or did anything change in that regard? I mean, of course I could do that in WL but the audio quality would not really improve. Or am I missing something?

The audio quality will not improve simply from upsampling, but some argue that doing additional processing (either digitally and/or in the analog realm) at higher sample rates can sound better in the end.

It’s not uncommon for mastering engineers to upsample to 96k before starting. I typically upsample things that come in at 44.1k or 48k up to 96k. Anything that comes in at 88.2k or higher gets processed at its native sample rate and downsampled after processing as needed.

Hey Justin,
very interesting! thanks for your reply.
So you encourage me to upsample those files I got? May I ask you if you do this process within Wavelab or do you use external sample converting software?

The SoX Resampling in WaveLab is one of the best. Because I’m a person of habit and often too busy to change things, I use RX (or Weiss Saracon) for my Resampling needs but Since WaveLab 9 (I think), WaveLab uses SoX which is considered pretty good.

Here are some tests and comparisons:

I can’t tell you how to work though. Why is somebody requesting this of you? That is the real question.

Cool, thank you very much.
I already own RX but never used the resampler. I´ll give it a try.
Saracon is way to expensive for me. Do they ever offer BF sales?

The guy who gave me his files wants to use them for remixing some tracks that have been mastered at 96k.

I think RX or WaveLab (with the right SoX settings) are sufficient for upsampling. Saracon is a bit older and was the best back in the day, but the app is rarely updated and RX and others have come pretty close to catching it.

I’ve never seen a Weiss sale of any kind.

I think the majority of the mastering community have migrated to RX for sample rate conversion, with some using whatever is built into their mastering DAW instead for convenience.

Great info, really very helpful.

Thank you so much!