Upside down kit?

Firstly, fantastic update, thank you. However…

Using an existing project, I have pulled in several percussive instruments that before 1.2 I had to score as separate instruments, to one kit, using the new percussion features. I have them all moved to where I want them on a 5 line stave, all looks good. But when I view them in write mode, having applied these changes, they are upside down - the kick is on the top, the cymbals at the bottom (I wanted the reverse) - have I done something wrong ?

Thanks, again, nice update !

Best wishes to all,


Hey Mike

Are you viewing them as a grid in write mode? If you only set up the staff positions you need to also set up the grid positions - they are independent of one another. Or you can set to view the kit as a staff in Layout Options.

Thanks Vilnai ! That has done it, they needed rearranging in the grid as well as the staff. Sorted. Now they display in the right place in write mode.

Most grateful,