UR 12 audio interface---Problem with Drivers?

I have been trying to set up my steinberg UR 12 but have run into a problem that I cannot fix.

My computer uses Windows XP, service pack 3. I have downloaded the driver that is supposed to work with my version of windows and run the install of it, but when I plug in my device, nothing really happens. Device/Computer manager gives a yellow “!” next to it on the list of audio devices, and the status given for it is “This device cannot start. (Code 10)” Device manager also says that the driver being used is drmk.sys, which is a Microsoft-made driver. I have no option to change the driver to the one I downloaded.

I have tried the good old uninstall/reinstall, turn off/turn on, unplug/replug, but nothing’s changed. I’ve tried Windows’ uninstall/update/roll back driver options, but it doesn’t find the Steinberg driver. Also, I’ve opened the .exe file of the Steinberg driver, and it seems to work fine, but it doesn’t list any devices to select.

One other thing that might be worth mentioning is that the USB light on the UR 12 is flashing.

What can I do to fix this problem?