ur 12 cuts out for 2 seconds periodically

My UR 12 Audio interface keeps cutting out every 1.5 to 2 mins. It goes completely silent then when it comes back it fades in on the right speaker while the left one just snaps back to life. This is becoming increasingly annoying cuz im tracking out guitars for a demo at the moment.
Ive tried all the useable combinations of sample rates and buffer sizes and it makes no difference. I’ve tried different software. Still no good. even when I’m not running any input through it and just using it to listen to music through my media player it still does the same thing. if anyone has any suggestions id be super happy. I’m fairly new to the digital Recording process and I’ve come to the end of all my troubleshooting knowledge as far as the USB interface is concerned. And Im really not looking forward to going back to my Fast Track.

Thanks much,
Flail Fish

I spent basically a full day trying to troubleshoot this same issue. What I ended up doing was moving it to one of my PC’s designated “High speed” usb 2.0 ports directly on the motherboard instead of on the face of the tower. It cleared up 99% of the issues I was having which leads me to believe it may be a bandwidth issue with the actual UR12 and its connection to the computer itself. As in you can buffer as much as you want on the DAW or driver, but that much isn’t all going to make it to the actual unit itself. I’m not advanced enough on the intricacies of this stuff to give a detailed explanation, and this is all just pure conjecture. I still occasionally have this happen if I have a LOT of midi events happening at once (Like, using a midi drum pad on my M-Audio axiom keyboard rapidly to simulate a drum roll) but in terms of drop outs happening just running the daw or youtube videos etc, I haven’t had any issues. I have yet to test whether or not it still holds up using a guitar direct line-in into modeling software (when I tried using the LePou amp modeling suite of VSTs yesterday, I couldn’t get more than 6 seconds of audio before it’d cut out and fade back in).

I had this issue as well. I tried updating to 1.9.6 (and am still on that version) and it didn’t fix it. It should also be noted that I am on Windows 7 64 bit.
What I found helped was moving the USB cable to one of my motherboard’s designated “High speed USB2.0” ports (I have an Asus M5A97 LMX Plus mobo) and I haven’t had this drop out issue since. Before I had it plugged into the USB ports on the front of the tower which windows treats as a “Generic USB hub” driver wise. The following is 100% conjecture on my part but I have to theories that were causing the drop outs:

  1. Either the Driver for the front USB ports (which DID seem to take a fair amount of its share in Latencymon’s DPC section) were dragging the overall speed down,
  2. Bandwidth on any regular USB port or hub may be an issue and it just cannot process signals fast enough, regardless of buffer size and is dropping the extra. If you can, try to give it a dedicated USB port directly on the motherboard (back of the computer’s connections are usually their own thing, sometimes you’ll have one a different colour from the others, I’d use that one).

I am having the exact same issue and it’s really bothering! I have the latest UR12 driver installed, even tried connecting it to various other USB ports to still no avail. When I plug my headphones to my UR12, the sound cuts for a few seconds every few seconds, and fades back in. I searched through the Internet and I found no solution.
I ran a latency test with Latency Monitor and my PC has a high interruption rate, however I cannot pinpoint what exactly is causing this. Is there anybody who can help me out on this problem?

What cable did you get and did it fix the problem?

I fixed this issue on a X570 and P67 system by disabling cstates in BIOS.

Two completely different platforms and the same issue fixed with the same method! That screams a fundamental bug in the driver.
Steinberg needs to fix this.

Thanks I will look into it

I’ve got the same problem with my UR22 MkII, running in Ableton Live 10. Pretty much every time I try and export audio for a song, there will be a glitch somewhere in it, where the audio drops out in one or both channels, then comes back. Tried connecting it to an Elektron Overbridge and it might have helped a bit, but still happens. Have also tried all USB ports on my laptop and it happens on all of them.

Unless I get a fix for this in the next few weeks, I’ll be changing brands and crossing fingers that the same rubbish doesn’t happen on the new one. :slight_smile: