ur 12 disconnects randomly..

i changed usb port, cable etc. there is nothing active related to power saving.
it disconnects and connects again every half an hour.

what should be the proplem?

ryzen 3600
16gb 3600mhz ddr4
gtx 1080
seasonic focus gold 750w psu

oh no answer, okay guys i shouldnt have bought this, thanks.

is this yamaha quality? where to find a solution? it disconnects every 20-30 mins for 2 seconds.
guys i paid a mainboard money for that sound card, and cheap realtek onboard chip never does this.

why is that topic locked? there are many people there facing same issue;

will any one from steinberg take care of me?
how can a product that i spend money instead of using free on board sound chip works worse? i cant believe.

The same thing happens with my Ur12, 3 months ago from the day I bought it … I already tried everything, I even tried it on win 7, 8 and 10, the same, dropouts tasting 5/10 min … nobody from steinberg answer back…

I,m having a problem similar to yours.

Sometimes (maybe 1 out of 5 attempts) when I try to start Cubase I get a message “Yamaha Audio driver was removed” and Cubase wants me to choose between three drivers: ASIO4All, Generic and Ymaha/Steinberg.

However, the PC has freezed, I cannot choose, move tje mouse cursor, start activity or anything. The only thing I can do is to shyut down the power and restart the PC.

I have a Lenovo stationary PC with SSD harddrive, Win 10 64-bit.

i sold this and looking for bought behringer with 2 inputs+ midi inputs 204hd with same price.

for a year it disconnected and connected again every hour. thanks yamaha quality.