UR 22 and bluetooth headphones

Hi! Just bought a pair of BOSE qc35 and I’m having a nightmare trying to hear anything from Cubase.

Works perfect in all windows tasks, but then, in Cubase, the Yamaha USB asio driver doesn’t have the option for adding a bus for the headphones in Cubase, I can do it by selecting full duplex asio driver, but the latency is bad… The tracks recorded in Cubase sounds via the headphones, but If I connect the bass and try to play it through Cubase as I normally do, it sounds via the speakers… What a mess!
Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

Control Room? you want an other signal to your headphones as to the speakers? when you just record yourself on the bass, why dont you make the hearing setting, and the sound setting in Cubase you prefer for the Main-Mix output-bus?

Thanks for answering!
No, I don’t want another signal, just the same than with everything else in my computer, when I connect the Bluetooth headphones, speakers turn off automatically and I can hear everything in the headphones, except for when I’m playing.
The thing is I can not set an output bus for the headphones with the Yamaha USB Asio driver :frowning:

did you connect the speakers to the outputs on the back of the device? from where do your Bluetooth-Headphones become their signals (which output), from an PC or an UR22-output?

Yes, the speakers are connected on the back of the UR22, and my Bluetooth Headphones are taking the signal from the Bluetooth of the computer. When I connect the headphones, automatically the speakers turn off, but not in the case of the ASIO signal from the UR22, playing my bass or playing piano with VSTs

what happens here, is that the audio driver from the built in soundcard (or a driver, which is setted as standard in your PC settings) automatically turns on when you set the headphones on signal recieving, instead of to use the soundcard of the UR22, and even it´s related driver, the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO driver. and because of this there will be even no signals on the speakers. this at first, despite i know, that this wasn`t your question. but first it´s useful to understand this, before we think further. so anyhow, the speakers switching off make sense, even it´s not really cool for production.
the cause why you´re speakers switch on, when you playing your bass through the UR22, or use a VST-Plugin with the MIDI-IN inputs is that you (re-)activate your UR22 soundcard, which is set as difference to the normal standard built-in soundcard of your computer. so finally, you can´t hear any signals in your bluetooth headphones, because they need the driver of your built-in soundcard. and omg i´ve finally understand your problem ( think i was gone weird through this process :unamused: :open_mouth: ) what you need is maybe a multi-processor driver or better go to the Device-menu in Cubase----Device-Setup----than select under the VST-Audiosystem-tab the option"activate multiprocessing".