UR 22 and x64 driver compatibility

I’m about to change my audio interface and considering quality/price I’m leaning towards UR 22. However, I still have some questions, but couldn’t successfully reach Steinberg, neither via local support nor social media.

I read on a forum (don’t really remember which one) that UR22 driver won’t work with 64-bit system. I would say it’s not too likely, but you never know. Drivers compatibility table isn’t too specific about that, probably because it’s relatively new device.

By the way, how is it working with USB 3 (any problems?) and do drivers support simultaneous ASIO/WDM playback?

I hope tol find answer at least for part of my questions, especially the one about 64-bit systems. Thanks in advance.

No chance for a small answer?

I only have a UR44, so can’t speak for UR22 - but:

It works fine on Win 8.1 x64 pro (they have both 32 bit and 64 bit packages)
I only have a PCI USB 2 connection, but USB 3 is backwards compatible afaik
I have successfully used it with ASIO (Ableton Live) and another app using WDM at the same time.