UR 22 C with USB Type-C to Type-A 3.1 Gen 2 Cable, 3 Feet

Hi planning to buy , UR 22 C , with it work with this cable adapter , my Mother board has a normal USB 3.0 Blue 2 ports , will the UR 22 C work with this converter cable / Adapter ?? n so will i get the USB 3.0 speeds , how do i go about getting the fastest , lowest 3.1, 2 nd gen , speeds n latency , if i go with an PCI X card that support that protocol… using 8 core AMD n asus mother board M5 A 78L- M USB 3. any suggestions pls … like which PCI x card to go in for … thankx ws[img]

I run the UR816C with a 2 meter long 3.1 USB cable, into a normal A-blue 3.0 port on an older PC, no problems, and according the USB driver control app I have the 3.1 speed.

Wow, thats gr8 news . thankx ws just seen an unboxing Utube , looks like there is a similar USB 3.0 atupe cable to the C type ,cant tell the length though ( what would that length be ?? ) , hope fully it may just about reach my desk top, does it come with an external power adapter ?? or what power ratings will i require ??

the cable was too short for my use, about 1 meter, it’s C to Atype USB3.
My UR816C included an external power adapter. Can’t tell about the 22 though.

sure i shall mention it 4 all here too … thankx …