UR 22 does not work on MAC Big Sur OS 11.0 INTEL

I cannot us my Steinberg UR22MKII anymore since I have Apple Big Sur OS 11 on my MacBook Pro (INTEL PROCESSOR)
Is there a solution? Tried the latest driver on the Steinberg website.
Does not work.
I don’t see my UR22 anymore in the MacBook Pro as an audio device.
Please help.
Thank you

I had the same issue, the best way to solve it is to downgrade your MacOS to Catalina for example, it worked for me perfectly when I was working on Catalina.
Sadly, I’ve never made a back up and I didn’t have time to do it now just to downgrade my operating system. Instead, I uninstalled the steinberg usb driver and I plugged in the interface without the driver installed. It’s not perfect but it works for me for now.