UR 22 low output and headphone signal


I have just bought a UR22 using under Win7 64 and the output level also the headphone is very low, even if I use on max volume I can bearly hear.
I have installed and uninstalled several times, nothing happens.
Anyone could help on this?


Sorry, not enough information.
What headphones? What impedance?
Which USB Port? Other USB devices?

I also notice a low headphone audio level, also I cannot turn the level knob over 1 o’clock, otherwise the audio will start to clip. I use an AKG-K271 Studio headphone which works pretty well with other mixers or even via RME Fireface UC headphones out. Loud & proud and no clipping at all!

I really like to know if this is a weakness of the UR22 or a defect.

Any update on this? Was about to pull the trigger on a UR22 but am worried about headphone output.

Which headphones are u on? Ohms?

Planning on grabbing 250-300 ohm cans like DT-880’s or HD-600’s.