UR 22 mk II - optimum power supply

the manual sais: 4,8 - 5,2 V
0,5 A or greater - hmm, what’s the optimum output current?

most of my USB “loaders” are 5 V / 1A or 5 V / 2A - which are better?

or maybe to avoid recording problems I should go and get some special power source precisely fitting the 22’s requirements?

The device draws or requires a supply that can provide a minimum of 0.5 Amps.
As long as the supply can meet or exceed that requirement it wont make any difference.

You could have a supply that can deliver 5V and 100A if you like, the device will only “pull” 0.5A regardless.

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my father is an electrician, but unfortunately i didnt follow [: so as much as i understand that 0,5 A is a minimum, i cant tell how many "A"s might be harmful to the device, but ok - any 1A or 2A should do the job.

I made a quick test with a 1A external* source and the recording performance improved a lot - with win 7 i managed to get 50+ minutes 16bit / 48000 wav with no audible data loss.

thanks for the reply, you can close this one i guess.

I have a similar question. I want to use a high impedance low sensitivity headphone for UR22 MKII and I was wondering if I switch to 5V input can I drive that type of headphones such as AKG K701 or Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro?

The input power selection should/will make no difference to the headphone output.

The headphone impedance, in this case (high impedance) will not make any difference as the headphone output can handle low impedance.

What will make a difference is the headphone sensitivity, that is, they wont be as loud.

Hope that helps.