UR 22 MK II - sound becomes noisy after a few seconds

Two days ago I bought a UR22 MKII and since then I am trying to make it work corretly on my machine. The problem is that the sound produced by Steinberg UR22 is okay at the beginnig, but after a while it becomes more and more noisy. After a minute it can not be used at all. :cry:

My setup:

CPU: Intel 4770k
RAM: Kingstone Savage 16 GB
Motherboard: MSI Z87 G45

Sound configuration:

  • Realtek driver installed
  • ASIO driver installed
  • Latest (2015.11.05) Yamaha driver installed

I have played with the buffer size for the UR 22 in the Yamaha driver settings (in ASIO offline settings too), but it only affects the time until the sound becomes noisy. To be clear, little buffer size kills the sound in 30 seconds, bigger, like 256 lasts for a minute and a half.

Please help me out with this, because if I can not make it work properly, I have to return it to the shop in 6 days.

Thank you in advance!

PS: It’s a shame that there is no official support mail address :imp:

What OS version?
Which driver version?
Make sure it is not the same issue as here: UR22mkII horrible distorted high pitched noise - Steinberg Hardware - Steinberg Forums

Driver version: 1.9.6

However it is working fine if the signal is sent back to the UR22 and the speakers are driven by the device, not by the PC. Is this a normal behavior or it should work by using the PC sound output?

Thank you for the answer!

Hello ToMmY_hun,

I’m not sure how your setup exactly is. You wrote that you connect the speakers to the PC sound card instead of the UR22 outputs. Right?

Could you please explain a bit more what your setup looks like?

By the way, we provide a support request form for registered users in MySteinberg. Here you can register your product to get email support for it.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hello Stefan,

First setup attempt described by audio route: Guitar → UR 22 → PC → Speaker

This setup has the issue I have described in my first post.

Second setup: Guitar → UR22 → PC (DAW) → UR22 → Speaker

The second setup is working fine, but I would like to know if the first one should work or not.

Thank you for your help and answer!

Have a nice day!



I had problems with this setup, but downgraded drivers to resolve an issue. Just try.

got same problem,on new drivers everything works as it supposed to work,but then after a while a higly pitch distorstion comes in,i tried use drivers that comes in cd,but,that driver dont work that well,it has problems when switching from 44,1 to other settings,and somethimes sound not playn,but it solves that distorted sound,so yea,its not a fix,please steinberg fix this!


Unless I am totally misunderstanding things… I think having your speakers plugged into your PC rather than your UR22 means that the UR22 has nothing to do with any audio output you hear.
To hear your UR22’s output your speakers need to be connected to the UR22’s 'LINE OUTPUT’s at the back of the unit.
You must have your speakers plugged into your UR22, otherwise it’s a bit like plugging your headphones into a fridge and wondering why you can’t hear the mp3 you just set playing on your phone! :slight_smile:
I guess in the setup you describe the UR22 is acting purely as an input and then your onboard sound device is acting as an output. Not an ideal setup. Plug your speakers into your UR22 and turn off your onboard sound.

Or I may be totally misunderstanding! :slight_smile:

You got it right. The strage thing that the sound is perfect for 30-40 seconds using the onboard sound chip, and after a while it becomes very noisy. Connecting the speakers to the line output of the UR22 solves the problem.

Yeah, I’m surprised you get to hear anything with the onboard/UR22 working together like that!
I think connecting the speakers to the UR22 is definitely the way to go.
And apologies for addressing my previous reply to Stefan! I was confused. I am usually confused! :slight_smile: