UR-22 mkII driver problem

Everything begun with installing new YAMAHA STEINBERG USB drivers. Suddenly, I had lagging during playback of music files (random 1-3 seconds of silence here and there). So I decided to uninstall the driver and install another one.

I went the usual route:
Control Panel > Programs & Features > Uninstall Yamaha Steinberg USB driver


Unfortunately some remains of the driver are still present:

Clicking on the icon only brings up an error message:


I completely wiped out any keys from the Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate registry containing keywords “Yamaha”, “Steinberg”, “UR-22” and “ysusb”. I only managed to remove the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver icon but there is still something that prevents me from REINSTALLING the driver:


What am I supposed to do? Wait for a new driver version to come out? Delete some files I might have missed? Download non-EXE driver files somewhere (haven’t seen anywhere).

I have tried everything. Please help!

Exactly the same boat here on a friend’s computer, please let me know how you fixed it or if you found a solution?