UR 22 - Noise on both line out

I am desperately trying to get my UR-22 running, but I am stuck with the following problem:

  • On both line-out I can clearly hear a noise/cracking sound/high pitch whistle through the active speakers. It is loud enough to make any playback at room volume completely unbearable.

This is my setup:

  • Laptop running on Win 8, latest UR22 driver (from website), connected via USB2.0. Any change in driver/PC settings did not change anything regarding quality.
  • Active speakers are connected via balanced cables. and are working perfectly fine with another audio setup.

What I tried so far/further elaboration on the problem:

  • Sound quality on headphones through headphone jack is totally fine.
  • Any settings on the UR22 (gain, mix, etc.), any settings on PC/driver did not change anything.
  • Gain settings on active speaker did not influence the noise. This one suprised me, how can this be?
  • The noise is constant during the ‘on’ time of the UR22, i.e. it starts as soon as I connect to USB and ends when I disconnect.

    Is there anything else I can try?
    Did anyone here have a similar problem or notice a potential problem through the above description?

Any help is appreciated!