UR 22 Registration

I really need some help. I removed the UR 22 from the box. Created a account and attempted to registered my hardware serial number and then received a error message that the serial number is not valid. What do I do?
I am pretty sure that I entered the correct serial number. I have been entering it for the past 3 hrs. I am so frustrated right now.

Frustrated in DC :angry:

Sorry for the trouble. I’ll PM you to help further!

I’ve had a very similar problem with a new UR44 bought from a reputatable dealer.
Licenses were in sealed bags, but UR44 serial number is not valid"
Can anyone help please? I am extremely frustrated after a week of trying to get it working, over the festive period.
Many thanks in anticipation
Graham :question: :confused:

Sorry, I’ve been away on vacation. If you have not already, please contact your local technical support for help.