UR-22 sound problem after sleep/wakeup

Maybe someone here has an idea how to solve my Problem:

I’m using the UR-22 together with the Hauptwerk organ Software. All works perfect, until I set my machine (Windows 8.1, 64 bit) to sleep (S3) and wake it up again, while the program is running. After that, the output sound is completely scratchy. I need to do an audio device reset (which is a Manual Option inside the application) and this makes the Output Sound good again.

Unfortunately the application has its own forum, and really nobody else has such a problem (but I’m the only one using Steinberg). Any idea what could be wrong, or where I could start searching? To me it looks like a driver problem, but maybe I’m wrong.

Thanks and regards

I’m bumping up this thread with new information. After additional research it is clear now that the driver seems to have a sleep/wakeup issue when ASIO is played. Every software which is using ASIO drivers has scratchy sound after wakeup. Using MME does not create this problem.

I’ve tried a Roland Capture Ex (also an USB device), and it works like a charm after wakeup. Only the UR-22 trashes the sound.

Any ideas?

Don’t use S3 :wink:

Hm, any more ideas. The problem stills exists!