UR 242 Mobile Use


I am interested in buying the UR 242. I have one question: is it possible to use the front inputs and the main outputs without a computer plugged into usb? I would like to be able to record with mobily, just by powering up with 5v input and transferring the sound to a portable recording device.

Thx in advance,


it works.

I’ve bought an USB to DC connector cable and then I can use a USB power bank, a MIC, a UR242 , an iPhone to record sound.

UR 242 without USB connected is like a mixer.


Hi brunohiecque

Could you explain how you connect up the usb to dc connector,
do you mean you use a usb power source, and connect this usb to dc
connector cable from this usb power source to the dc input on the UR242.

If so, can you then connect a mic to the UR242,
and take a cable out of the UR242 to lets say a powered speaker, this would make the UR242
a stand alone mixer of sorts, and no need for a computer, I would like this for our youth group
as it would limit the equipment required and very little skills on their behalf to set this up.