UR 242 on Mac OS 12.2.1 - just mono

Lovely People,
Is someone else experiencing this: I’m using a Steinberg UR242 and I just realized today that I receive the left channel on both speakers and the right as well. So double mono!?
If I test the audio routing via the Audio-Midi-Setup on Mac I hear the noise test for left channel on both speakers and the right on both as well.
I tried to pan a software instrument in Ableton to the left or right channel. The meters in Ableton changed, the output on the speakers and headphones didn’t change at all.
Is that a driver issue with the most recent macOS Monterey Update 12.2.1?
In the Mac Audio Setup it says “no output control”
Any ideas?
Thanks for your help!
It drives me a bit mad :smiley:
All the best,