UR 44 Cubase AI dropouts

Hi, i have recently bought a ur 44 soundcard and using it on a Lenovo laptop, win 7/

I experience drop outs (out of sync) during record and playback.

Any ideas?

Hi Ydaffan, try to increase the buffer size in the ASIO control panel.

Just found out that these hang up occur also when playing music on windows.

How can that be solved?

Tried changing the buffer size, hasn’t solved the problem.

That is strange, does this not happen when using the Lenovo onboard soundcard?
Did you install the latest driver for the UR44?

No, it does not happen with the Lenovo soundcard.

I have drivers version 1.8.2 installed.

Also - how do i get to the basic fx suite, they do not appear on the fx list under Cubase AI, and yes, i have activated them.