UR-44 Hi-Z inputs 1 and 2 defective

I just received my UR-44 and Hi-Z inputs 1 and 2 are defective out of the box. On input 1, there is a bad crackling noise after inserting the phone plug. It does not keep the input signal at the same level. I think there is a loose wire in there.

For input 2, it has very low output level compared to input 1. I am monitoring through the box (no DAW) and tried different cords. It is not usable.

I then hooked up a direct box and tried inputs 1 and 2 and there was no problem at all. So there is something wrong with the Hi-Z inputs that will require now a swap out with a new unit.

I hope Steinberg’s quality control is aware of these issues. It is such a bummer to get a brand new unit and it fails right out of the box!

Update: Sweetwater will exchange this unit with another one. I asked them to test the new UR-44 before they ship and they said they would.

I have to wait until June 20 when the new stock arrives.

I hope Steinberg is testing these newer batches a little more closely.