UR 44 Installation problem

I’m trying to commission a new computer and audio interface. Interface:UR44; Computer: PC/Windows10; DAW: Cubase Pro 11.

Two problems:

  1. Initially the UR44 would initialise (continuous power LED) but when I tried to select the Yamaha driver (latest version) from the studio setup dialogue in Cubase, it won’t open. No connectivity with the interface but the driver is installed and windows seems to think the UR44 is running OK…

  2. After reinstalling the driver, the UR44 now won’t initialise (flashing power LED).

Completely flummoxed. Anyone got any ideas for things I could try?

Happy 2022!

There’s a switch on the rear of that unit for Class Compliant mode, which you don’t want if you’re using the ASIO drivers.

Has that been turned on?


I have had this similar problem to Duncan. My set up is similar to his. I have checked my CC Mode in the back and it’s in the off position. I have check all four inputs by using a 1/4 cable from a keyboard, sound will go through. SO, I was thinking that it was just a connectivity problem between the UR 44 and the computer. I was thinking about replacing that the USB 2.0 Cable to see if that resolves the issue. Are we missing something? I have read something about sleep mode on a computer. How does one change the settings for that in order to get the drivers to work?

A different USB cable, and/or different USB ports is the first thing to try.

The ports were tried, I don’t have a second plug for that unit. Can any USB-A to USB-B plug be used? Or is there something specific that Steinberg uses?

Just a standard USB cable, nothing special.

Hi Everyone,

Steve: genius. Class compliant switch was in the on position. Turned it off and everything looks OK now. Problem solved.

Slightly frustrating, as when I read the install guide it said it was OK for CC switch to be in the on position and use with a PC.

All’s well that ends well. Steve, thanks once again.