UR-44 mic input level (and threads on too high vd too low?)

Just recently I wanted to start recording my acoustic guitar with the UR-44 and a Acoustica AT-2020 cardioid condensor microphone. Thing is it seems I can hardly get a proper loud enough signal.

I have to set my input gain knob above 75% open and even at 100% it’s not overly loud. At this point my in my DAW I still have my line level-in at 0db and adjusting it to 12-18db woud make the input even more less.

I checked settings in dspmix and it’s default/off. I use a XLR-cable and I have phantom power on.

I’ve read many threads here on the UR-22 and UR-44 and while most indeed seem to say +75% gain is necessary there are others that complain about a too loud signal, so that does leaves me a bit confused.

I’m fairly inexperienced but it doesn’t seem right I have to record so hot plus I do hear when recording at 75-100% the noise level is unsatisfactory. I realise this question has been asked before but follow ups on topics are rather scarce so can people confirm this is normal for the UR-44 or could it be a defect?

Well, for reasons I cannot fully comprehend the volume level now is satisfactory. I do have my gain knob on 75% but the noise level is very acceptable and certainly enough to process.

I think this thread can be deleted as I really have no idea why I get a good signal now as opposed to before.

Perhaps you turned on your phantom power?

Hi, thanks for your response. I’m pretty sure and actually hoping it was somethings as stupid as this since that means none of my equipment is broken :wink:

PS. Now that I do have a response (why is this forum so abandoned?) could you tell me if the 75% setting on the gain is similar in your experience since your signature mentions the UR-44 as well.

For recording accoustic guitar with my se2200 (nearest mic to yours) I’d normally have gain about half way. Any more than that it clips.

Ok. Thanks again for your answer. Strange though so many different people report different settings. I’d assume every UR-44 is the same quality and even taking in account other items in the chain I’d expected similar settings.

In any case, as long as one monitors clipping /loud enough signal it shouldn’t really matter what settings one uses.

When I record acoustic guitar, I usually end up with 75%,or even more especially when finger picking.

Thanks for the feedback. Good point about the fingerpicking. Forgot to mention this is my main style as well and I can imagine fierce strumming requires less volume.

A common pitfall that many fall into when first starting to use the UR is the channel strip! Very often this is turned on with a random setting, I’m not sure what the factory setting is if any.
When checking your signal levels always ensure the channel strip is turned off, as well as any plugins, and also check the reverb send is off.
A similar trap is to be found in Cubase (and other DAWs). Many select a pre-set template for recording e.g. “Acoustic Guitar” or “Vocal & Guitar”. These templates usually have two or three Inserts, EQ settings, and even Send effects all preselected. Many newbies fail to notice this at first and wonder why their guitar or voice sounds odd or at least not what they were expecting. Best again to turn these off when setting up.

Forgot to set my notifcations for forum messages on active, do duly late with my respone :wink:

Good point about the channel strip and templates. However this was not the case with me. I now settle for a 75-80% gain on a mic input and if needed add a compressor or limiter later on in the mix as a workaround.

I am planning om buying both a pre-amp for mic and headphones though. The headphone was to be expected since it’s a 250 Ohm and open back and I could do with a little more gain.

Pre-amp for mic is priority though. Maybe a tube for more warmth as well but since money is tight I wonder what kind of quality I’d get. Looking at the
ART Tube MP3http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/art-tube-mp-studio-v3-mic-preampand
Icon Reo Tube G2Xhttp://iconproaudio.com/product/reotube-g2x/