UR 44 Noob Question: Line out selection

Just installed this interface today under Windows 10 x64 and have a very basic question; how do you select the line out channel in software?

Many thanks!

Can you be more specific?
In a DAW or Other software in windows?
If you meant in a daw, like reaper, ableton, cubase, etc…
In each track or in the master, that you choose where you want to send the sound,
Using ur44 will appear 6 options:
1:UR44 Output 1 L
2:UR44 Output 1 R
3:UR44 Output 2 L
4:UR44 Output 2 R
5:UR44 FX Output L
6:UR44 FX Output R
and stereo combinations of this outputs.

If you want, tell how you plan to use it, I’ll try to help