UR 824 Outputs

Hey Brothers,
I hope I’m not bothering anyone of you here asking for so much with this, Hope someone could help me with it.

This what i go through right now …

I have connected my studio monitors to outputs 1&2 on my UR 824, it is working perfectly, I have also a Behringer Powerplay Pro 8 Headphone Distribution Amp hooked into outputs 3,4,5 & 6, All this while it was working and all of a sudden it disappeared when i wanted to track some vocals today. I did check the outputs 1&2 with inputs of Powerplay Pro and the signal is coming, does any know why it is so?

Sorry for bothering you all:(

Thank you

Hi Vocalixx

What disappeared, all signals, or monitored signals from the vocal input or???Did you change anything? Is direct monitoring on in device setup?(it should be) Are you using the Control Room? if you are not and it got switched on that would explain loss of signal, this is all in VST Connections in the Devices Menu

Best Regards